Suppliers & Service Providers

This trip is solely self funded. I’ve not got any sponsors or funding from any other sources, I’m spending my own hard earned cash on this trip however, I would like to mention the following suppliers/service providers who have been great in helping me to find all the parts and things I need for the trip.

I’ve also tried my best to support British Businesses both locally and further afield as you’ll see below.

James, Dan and Dave in the parts department at Orwell Motorcycles have been great. I’ve been back and forth more times than I care to admit sourcing parts, clothing, Helmets, tyres and more from these guys and they are always extremely helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming. Being long standing Kawasaki and Suzuki dealers and now with the addition of KTM too these guys really do know their stuff. They can also get Honda parts which is a plus for me as it means I only have to go to one place locally to get everything I need!

Zafer Unden at Inpreda is such a great guy to deal with and it’s great to see his business growing the way it is. I purchased the crash bar and skid plate kit from Inpreda for the Honda CRF250 Rally. A nicely made bit of kit that has really protected the bike since being fitted.

Dave at Hagon Shocks has been superb. I’ve talked through with him the trip I’m doing and the load that I’m going to be putting on the rear shock and he’s been great in organising a custom spring for my replacement rear shock. These guys really know their stuff so if you want to talk to someone in the U.K. about suspension then these are the guys to go to.

I’ve been using a Tutoro chain oiler on my Kawasaki Versys 1000 since I bought it new in 2016 and it’s worked faultlessly ever since.
Tutoro is a small British business run by Jude Ibbitson and her husband producing precision devices for lubricating motorcycle chains. Their devices are simple in that they use the motion of the motorcycle to oil your chain, no electrical or vacuum assistance is required making them super reliable in all conditions. Support British small businesses and get yourself a Tutoro oiler for your bike and keep your chain happy!

Not bike related but still very important.
I’ve been using Spex4Less for glasses for years and they’ve always been great. Located in the Wirral it’s another small family run online business bringing glasses to the masses at sensible prices. I’ve saved a fortune over the years and to date not had one single problem with the lenses or frames.

Getting spare glasses for the trip was a necessity as without them I really can’t see much at all!

I met the lovely nurses from the Fleet Street Clinic at the Adventure Travel Show in London in January 2019. They gave me lots of advice on vaccinations and general health whilst travelling and have been following me on social media ever since. If you want to know what vaccinations you need for your next adventure these are the ladies to talk to.

Almont Travel & Visas are specialists in applying for Russian visas and know the process well. They can also arrange your letter of introduction from the Russian authorities for Business visas. Full details are on the Visa Blog post.

Lomo do a great range of dry bags at incredibly good prices. I’ve been using Lomo products for some time and everything inside is always kept dry regardless of how wet it gets.
Lomo are now also selling a range of motorcycle products including some very nice looking crash bar bags, take a look you’ll be pleasantly surprised!